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We sell jersey hoodies wholesale. This selection of clothing includes ultra-attractive hoodies designed for premium brands. Get your jersey hoodies as well as other clothing such as jersey t-shirts bought wholesale logotyped or trimmed varsity lines on the sleeves for a trendy and current sporty look. Khaki and hoodies for military style, or black jersey hoodies with timeless accents. We also appreciate the chiné, refined and particularly harmonious models for light colors. The clothing is finally wise to affirm your customers’ athletic look, because the prints add relief and mark the shapes to put them to their advantage.


Blank jersey hoodies wholesale


You can use blank jersey hoodies bought wholesale as you want to attract new customers. Jersey hoodie, colloquially also hooded sweatshirt, a sweater or a sweatshirt with an attached hood. They often also have a tunnel-like belly pocket (kangaroo pocket) and strings to tie the hood. The terms are used synonymously. The jacket-like version with zip is called "Zipper". The history of the garment began in the 1930s. The style and form of the blank jersey hoodie is, however, already found in the Middle Ages at the Gugel , the formal clothing of Christian monks, who also had sewn-on hoods. In modern times the hooded sweater was produced by the clothing manufacturer champion for the workers of frozen food stores in Los Angeles in the 1930s . After that he became popular as a sports and streetwear.


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As hoodie or hooded zipper: with lined hood, the men’s are the ideal allround tops. The kangaroo pocket or the belly pocket on the front gives the men’s jersey hoodie the ones you can buy wholesale a stylish way to warm cold hands. The drawstring in the hood also allows you to protect yourself against the wind. From the wholesaler comes the colorful jersey hoodie with crewneck or V-neck, sleeveless or raglan sleeves, solid double seams or flatlock seams, in vintage or used look, with metal pendant, with tone-in-tone or contrast-colored lined hood and as a special highlight: with a high collar. We ship jersey hoodies wholesale throughout all the USA to top brands. We use cotton jersey fabric to make our hoodies really nice to wear.