Blank jersey shirts wholesale

We sell blank jersey shirts wholesale and all kinds of advertising textile such as polos, jersey cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. Your leading t-shirt store for quality, price and service. Almost all of our blank jersey shirts are custom-made, and the delivery time varies between 5-6 days (unrecorded items) and 10-15 days for items with recording depending on the season may heighten one more day.

For quantities over 1000 units, please contact us for a lower price.


100% cotton blank jersey shirts wholesale

This is more true than not that you are willing to buy 100% cotton blank jersey shirts wholesale at a low price but with high quality, you are in the right place as we are wholesalers, suppliers and those who output blank jersey shirts. We have many kinds of basic, white or color t-shirts at the best price, unisex, for men, women or children, as well as technical t-shirts for marathons. Our blank t-shirts are ideal for personalizing or stamping with your logo. But if you also want it we can also print them ourselves as we are we have a workshop to make printing on blank jersey shirts, well you already know if you want to compare shirts, polos, advertising hoodies or more textile articles we can help you, as we have a wide catalog of clothes of the best marks, for wholesale sale in all the United States with prices of demolition.  


The best blank jersey shirts

We offer many kinds of basic blank jersey shirts that we sell as wholesalers and suppliers but without a doubt, if you want to buy the ones that have a better price, we can lower our price. This page shows the styles of blank jersey shirts that we sell wholesale, but there are many more styles, if you look at the end you will find much more. In addition, if we wish we can stamp and customize with logos and designs, then the textile printing workshops and we can print almost any design. We mastered textile serigraphy, digital serigraphy, vinyl, transfer as well as embroidery and we can print on all blank jersey shirts we sell wholesale.


How you can buy blank jersey shirts wholesale

You have 14 days, from the reception of the order to change or return any blank jersey shirt you bought wholesale in poor condition or deteriorated that has not been stamped or customized unless our company made errors in the development of designs, photos or screens. Once the first payment of your order is made, it is confirmed and can not be modified in terms of garments, colors, quantity, stamping. If you need to make any changes in the budget please indicate it before its acceptance by an email on the day of the order confirmation indicating the reference or code of the document sent. The first three orders of blank jersey shirts will always be paid before transfer.